Business Plan

Just as a successful journey needs a clear destination with a map that show how to get there, a successful business should start with a business plan.  This plan will define your goals and objectives and help you understand how to achieve them.  It will identify obstacles and competitors and allow you to establish strategies and tactics that will enable you optimize your approach and overcome startup hurdles before they become major problems.

SBS has experts in business planning that can help you to customize a concise plan that is specific to the opportunities and challenges that pertain to your particular business.  SBS can help you with market research, analytics, customer profiles, financial projections, and defining key differentiators.  This will help empower you to quickly establish your business, and be truly effective in serving your customers and overcoming competition.


Business Documentation

The way a business is structured affects many aspects of a business.  Incorporations are used to limit liability, establish tax structures, and allocate ownership.  We will help you to put the pieces into place that will allow you to license and incorporate your business.  Some of our services include:

  • Obtaining Federal Tax ID

  • Filing Incorporation Papers

  • Establishing a Registered Agent

  • Registering and Licensing with State and Federal Organizations

  • Building Operating and Service Agreements



**Startup Business Services LLC (SBS) and its subsidiaries, directors, and it employees are not accountants or attorneys.  SBS can help you with licensing and incorporation processing, but the choice of how your business should be structured is up to you.  We recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney and/or an accountant, if you have specific legal or tax-related concerns.


Business Credit

A strong credit profile is another key element to a successful business.  Strong business credit enables a business to obtain the short and long term financing that is required for strong, sustainable growth.  Businesses with strong credit profiles can quickly obtain the cash they need at lower interest rates than businesses with questionable credit profiles.

A business with a strong credit profile does not need to be linked your personal credit.  Instead of being tied to your social security number, it is tied to profitability, pay history, and the Tax ID of a business.  This allows the credit line for the business to grow along with the business.

SBS can help you to establish and build a strong credit profile for your business.  Our customized approach will help you to build a credit profile that enables you to have long term facility and equipment leases, funding on demand, and rotating credit lines at competitive interest rates.


Merchant Services

A business can't grow without the proper tools to help them profit. SBS has a partnership with one of the nation's leading merchant service providers. We offer you a strong backbone to ensure you are recieving your profits timely while providing your costumers with easy payment options. Time is money and it's important you pick a merchant that you can count on. If you are looking to switch your merchant vendor or need to setup services for your new business, SBS can help you launch a quick, easy, merchant services account that will have you up and running in no time. 


Digital Marketing

A great website is a key element to most successful businesses in today’s world.  The professionalism and credibility that is conveyed through your website will often be the primary way that you are judged by your customers.

SBS can provide you with a website that is professional and effective.  Whether your business needs full e-commerce functionality with robust CRM and analytics, or just a strong, clean, internet identity - SBS can support you.  We will help you to build a powerful and positive internet identity that will allow you to make your mark with customers who rely on the Internet to do business and make purchasing decisions.

We can also help you to build processes and incorporate tools that effectively utilize social media, mobile apps, and search engine optimization (SEO).  This allows you and your business to rapidly build your loyal customer base and to take full advantage of the opportunities that e-commerce provides.